Best Gifts for fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of those cult-classics we all love to hate and hate to love. The film is classified as a musical science-fiction horror-comedy…. and if you’ve seen it, you’re nodding you’re head in agreement.

We’ve procured a list of the best gifts for that geeky associate of yours that’ll make them want to do the Time Warp again!

  1. A Rocky Horror Picture Show Purse

Every lady needs a good handbag, and this handbag is rumored to hold all the goodies! Most Amazon reviewers commented that the purse was larger than they expected it to be, always in a positive light as well. Perfect for taking along on an adventure or even an overnight trip to tell your college professor that you’ve gotten engaged to the schmuck you met in his class!

2. A Feature Poster, autographed by the Cast!

This 8 x 10 inch replica poster has been expertly framed in black cherry, and protected by an off-white mat. The cast that signed the poster: Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, and Barry Bostwick. The perfect gift for those collectors out there!

3. A Blu-Ray Set + the Soundtrack + Fishnets and Gloves!

This combo will be sure to have them gasping! But just prepare yourself ahead of time to view this masterpiece in all it’s glory, as your friend wears the fishnets and snaps their gloves at you. It’ll be uncomfortable and they’ll love it.

4. Some Rocky Horror Picture Show Art

This little slice of heaven was HAND – DRAWN, which means someone spent a lot of time making this thing look amazing! The artist uses only black ink to accomplish his masterpieces, but they turn out jaw-dropping!

5. The Audience Participation Guide

When this wonderful film premiered, the Vietnam war was drawing to a close. This left a lot of soldiers across the world in various hospitals and camps. In an effort to raise the spirits of these soldiers, The Rocky Horror Picture show was sent to them to view as entertainment – sealing the movie’s fate as a cult classic.

The soldiers watched the film, and then when they got bored they watched it again, and again… as this was the only film available to them. Eventually, they engaged themselves in the movie and the audience participation was born. The prompts range from name calling to throwing rice at the screen – a guaranteed good time!

6. A Riff-Raff Costume

If your friend is an avid Rocky Horror Picture Show fan, chances are they’ve tried to mimic an outfit or two from the movie. Give them this Riff-Raff costume and they’ll never struggle thru the night in torn fishnets and heels again! The set includes pants, vest, jacks, gloves, and little shoe covers.

7. A Classic RHPS Tee

The lips are a signature staple of the film, and I mean, who doesn’t recognize Frank? Not people you want in your life! This tee comes in a classic or women’s cut, and multiple sizes!

8. A Different RHPS Tee

A different representation of the film; spot-on, nonetheless! Available only in a women’s cut, in multiple sizes.

9. A Tee Depicting the Most Quoted Scene

In this shocking scene, Janet is caught getting ta-ta-ta-touched by Dr. Frankenfurter’s plaything. Janet is embarrassed that Dr. Scott has caught her in a moment of weakness, Brad is mad at Janet, Janet is shocked that Brad is around, Frank is heartbroken that Rocky has tasted pink meat and shall be forever… hetero. Rocky is firm in his heterosexuality.

This awesome design is available on a classic or women’s cut tee, as well as hoodies!

10. Even Smiling Makes My Face Ache Hoodie

For all of those out there with resting bitch face. When the meek are old and wrinkled, our faces shall be pure and smooth. Who ever said that drama ages you? Pshhhh


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