Best Gift for Fans of The Dark Tower Series!

The Dark Tower series is comprised of eight books of full-on Western/Sci-Fi/Horror goodness. The whole story is about this dude’s journey to this tower, which is a thing in real life but also like metaphorically is a thing. This guy also calls himself ‘The Last Gunslinger” and is a total cowboy. He’s also got his crew tagging along for the adventure, aptly named Ka-tet and the Nineteen and Ninety-Nine.


1. An All Hail T-Shirt

The Crimson King’s slogan. This psychopath wants to destroy the Dark Tower and rule in the chaos after time/space collapse. And when we say he’s a psycho, he is literally insane. Once he reaches a certain level of insanity, he decides to lose it and kill all his lackeys and then himself, which makes him undead and like that ultimate super villain. But, some people are into that villain life, and for those people, we present this shirt to you personally.GET IT HERE!

2.  An Epic representation of the book, via T-Shirt

Another t-shirt, but this ones for the not-so-villainy types. It portrays Roland standing in front of the Dark Tower, and his two pistols crossed beneath him. This basically embodies most of the book, so we figured it would be hella appropriate here. GET IT HERE!

3. A Dark Tower Money Clip

We all have money in this world, as it does indeed revolve around money and the handing and taking of it. And we also all need a little help keeping our bills in one neat, organized bundle. This is the perfect gift for any fan of the Dark Tower series, as the object is useful to literally everyone. The money clip is made from brass and coated with silver, with ‘KA’ emblazoned on the front along with a rose and a pistol. GET IT HERE!

4. The Dark Tower Onesie for the Mini’s

For all those Dark Tower nerds who have small babies, this one is for you! A classic baby onsie, with the adorable little crotch snaps, but justified with a big ole ‘KA’ in white. Old ladies will still fuss over how cute your baby is, and also the nerds of the world will know that you’re also a nerd and will raise that baby right.GET IT HERE!

5. The Book Cover on a T-Shirt!

More apparell! But we love it anyways. This one is similar to the other t-shirts in this article in that it is black, made of cotton, and has to do with the Dark Tower series, but there is one crucial difference. This shirt displays the cover art for the book ‘The Gunslinger’ in the series. This was the first book in the series, and since it took Stephen King twelve and a half years to write the series, the first is one of the most treasured by the true-blue fans. GET IT HERE!

6.  I Remember the Face of my Father T-Shirt!

Another shirt dedicated to Roland, this one is white tho (hah, finally). Roland remembers the face of his father, and he wants us to know that. We also should really have gotten it by now that he likes roses and has pistols as well. GET IT HERE!

7. The Dark Tower Keyhole Cufflinks

These are some pretty sweet cuff links! Displays a few of our favorite things: a pistol and a rose! Wonder who they made these for? Hmmmm…. either way, they made the cuff links out of brass plated with gold. The designs on the links are guaranteed to stay thru the normal wear and tear as it is made with epoxy paints! Three cheers for longevity!GET IT HERE!

8. A FIRST EDITION copy of the book, signed by Stephen King himself!

Please, contain all your excitements for this one! Let us introduce to you this FIRST EDITION SIGNED COPY of ‘The Gunslinger’. We had no idea that books could sale for this kind of money! With a ticket price of nearly $5,000, we’re willing to bet that collectors will FLOCK to this item!GET IT HERE!

9. The Dark Tower [Blu-ray]

We knew we had to throw in the new movie! ‘The Dark Tower’ starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, released in 2017, good and evil collide on the big screen for one big, epic duel! Available on Amazon Video, DVD, or Blueray! GET IT HERE!

10. The Dark Tower 8-Book Boxed Set

Last, but certainly not least, we present to you the COMPLETE collection! 8 great books all in one! Relive the thrill and mystery endlessly with this set, and they are all matchy-matchy to boot! GET IT HERE!

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