Best Gifts for DC Comic Fans!


DC Comics is one of the biggest and oldest comic book business in the world. It was founded in 1934 (named National Allied Publications), making 2018 it’s 84th year hustling our hearts and wallets! DC has changed names a bit, but is now owned by Warner Bros and lays claim to some of the biggest superheroes! Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Nightwing, and Wonder Woman are just a few of the most popular names associated with DC Comics. The company’s name actually originated with it’s 3rd publication, Detective Comics, in 1936, and was a huge hit the nation over. Batman appeared in Detective Comics Issue #27. Shortly afterwards, DC released Detective Comics #2 and introduced characters such as Superman and Sandman. The sensationalism of Batman and Superman, especially, solidified DC’s claim on their portion of the comic book real estate. Now, after 84 years of super hero/villain fun, there are some pretty wicked DC merchandise out there! We rounded up the best and threw it all in one pot with this article! Scroll thru to see them all!

This article contains AFFILIATE LINKS. Sounds scary, but it really just means that I get some kick-back change when you buy a product in my article (with NO ADDED COST to you). The internet is a magical place, amirite?

1. The DC Comics Encyclopedia

A new and updated version! Includes new characters and storylines, as well as all of the same material in the original version. The DC Comic fans’ A to Z reference on all things DC, including over 1,100 characters, riveting comic art, and lesser known facts about our favorite heroes! GET IT HERE!

2. DC Logo Crew Socks

Everyone needs socks, and honestly it’s a bit of a pick me up to slide into some well fitting socks with stuff you like printed on them. It just sets the mood for the whole day, like, “Ahhh, got my Batman socks on… now I can go kick the day’s ass.” Comes with Batman, Superman, and the Flash prints! GET IT HERE!

3. Superhero Shot Glasses

Comes in a pack of four, including the Flash, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman designs! Each shot glass holds 1.5 ounces of whatever liquid you like, and is safe to use in the dishwasher. We are really into the ombre effect of the design – each glasses design color fades as it gets closer to the rim of the glass! GET IT HERE!

4. A Batman iPhone Case

Isn’t it neat how you can get these pieces of plastic to snap onto your phone so that it looks different than everyone else’s iPhone? We think it’s flippin awesome. And so many people practice this habit, that you can get practically any design that you’d like! And if you’re reading this article, we are sure that you’ve got to be a Batman fan. GET IT HERE!

5. An Awesome Flash Backpack

Some days you just needs to throw all your stuff together in one bag – we’ve got you covered. This Official The Flash Backpack has TWO interior pockets, one of which will hold up to an 18″ laptop. There are also two expandable side pockets to store excess stuffs in, organization is key ya know. Made from 100% polyester so it wipes as clean as a baby’s bottom with a wet wipe! GET IT HERE!

6. Harley Quinn Leggings

These super soft leggings would be perfect for a Harley Quinn outfit! Paired with a long hoodie and Doc Marten’s, or even with a split-color shirt to mimic her old clown look for a Harley Quinn costume! The leggings are a dark charcoal grey, with Harley cascading down the left leg on a fan of playing cards. Any DC fanlady would SQUEEE over these! GET IT HERE!

7. Batman VS The Joker T-Shirt

Batman VS The Joker: the face off! PopFunk really hit the design nail on the head with this one, and threw in two exclusive stickers to boot! The company also boasts using brand name, quality tees for all their designs! Available in sizes small to 5x large! GET IT HERE!

8. A 3-Pack of Headbands featuring Batman!!

Three scrunchy style headbands in one pack; one is yellow, one is navy blue with cream polka dots, and then we saved the greatest for last – a Batman headband!! Yaaaas! Batman gifts for her can be tricky to find, but if you’ve got a girl (or are a girl) who rocks a lot of messy buns this is the one for you! A little pop of color on the hair line can really give a little extra oompf to a look! GET IT HERE!

9. The Flash Flip-Up Shirt

Whoever came up with this idea is a friggin’ genius, I mean honestly. You wear your t-shirt like normal, and then when you flip the waist of the shirt up and over your noggin it reveals the face of The Flash! Another great PopFunk item that comes with two exclusive stickers! GET IT HERE!

10. A Superman Hoodie!

This SUPER hoodie is made from a cotton and polyester blend to ensure a long lasting fit! Available in either royal blue or black, with a screen printed Superman logo on the chest. And the best thing about the garment is that it is a unisex fit! Great for fellas and ladies alike! GET IT HERE!

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