Best Gifts for Batman Fans!

Batman is a DC Comics superhero created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939. Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, witnessed the murder of his parents as a small child, thus causing him to seek justice against criminals. Batman resides in Gotham City with his butler, Alfred, who helps him along the way. Batman is one of the only superheroes without any real super powers; Bruce trained himself in the martial arts and relies on his intellectual abilities to give him an foot up against enemies. Batman has become an icon for American culture, holding spots in several different medias: comics, television shows, books, movies, radio, and more! We gathered up the coolest Batman merch we could find, scroll thru to see them all!

This article contains AFFILIATE LINKS. Sounds scary, but it really just means that I get some kick-back change when you buy a product in my article (with NO ADDED COST to you). The internet is a magical place, amirite?

1. Batman Funko POP! Character

Funko POP! characters are popping up everywhere; in comic book stores, in children’s stores, and in video game stores. And it’s no wonder with how cute they are! Like a cartoon version of your favorite superhero! GET IT HERE!

2. Batman VS Superman – Rock’em Sock’em Robots

The question we’ve all been asking for years, has already been answered with a full movie. But, we can reassess who the winner would be with these awesome rock’em sock’em robots! Throw these two in the arena and battle it out with a friend! GET IT HERE!

3. A Batman Action Figure

What we’ve learned about action figures is, pose-ability is EVERYTHING. People want to make their action figures do unique things, and this requires an action figure with movable arms, legs, and usually necks. Totally worth a look thru google to see what crazy stuff people pose their action figures to do! GET IT HERE!

4. A Double-Bladed Batman Knife

This knife just looks to cool for school…. yeah don’t take it to school for sure. Totes a unique design as the blades retract out to reveal a Batman logo! Stainless steel blades inside an aluminum body, available in 5 different colors! GET IT HERE!

5. Batman Blender Bottle

Being constantly on-the-go is definitely a trend right now, and those that are on-the-go still need an effective way to blend their protein powders into almond milk. Blender Bottles hit the shelves a few years ago, it’s a regular water bottle with a whisk-ball in it. When shaken, the whisk-ball will blend that powder and almond milk like nobody’s business. And now, they’ve made a Batman blender bottle! GET IT HERE!

6. A Bat-signal Projector

This item is marketed as a nightlight, but let’s be honest. There are a lot more grown-ass men out there who are Batman fans than there are kids who need nightlights. So the question is, where are you going to mount your Bat-signal projector!? GET IT HERE!

7. The Dark Knight DVD/Blue-Ray

Chances are, if your geeky associate (or yourself) likes Batman, they are really going to like this movie. Heath Ledger does a STELLAR job portraying the absolute mad-man tendencies of the Joker in this film. So much so, it is rumored to have driven him over the edge a bit before his death. One of the most popular Batman movies to date! GET IT HERE!

8. Batman Popsocket!

Popsockets are everywhere nowadays! They help you take better selfies by improving your grip on your phone, they act as a kickstand, and they can be paired with other accessories to make a car mount! These things are nifty as heck, and can be easily applied and removed without damaging your phone. GET IT HERE!

9. Lego Batman Movie Space Shuttle

Includes everything you’d need to launch! A shuttle with an open cockpit, a removable triple booster pack, a Bat-Kayak, a Bat Moon-Buggy, and six Lego characters! GET IT HERE!

10. Voice-Changing Bat Mask

A high tech helmet that comes loaded with tactical offense and defense features! Press the button on the side of the helmet to activate the defense goggles. Once the goggles are in place, press the button again to activate the voice changer! GET IT HERE!

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