Harry Potter is a British-American series featuring a fantasy world in which children are sent letters inviting them to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The first novel, The Philosopher’s Stone, was released in 1997, and a new novel was released yearly with the titles The Chamber of Secrets (1998), The Prisoner of Azkaban (1999), and the Goblet of Fire (2000). Author J.K. Rowling took her time with the final three novels, releasing The Order of the Phoenix in 2003, followed by The Half-Blood Prince in 2005 and The Deathly Hallows in 2007. Throughout the seven novels we reveled in the experience, following Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermione, into some seriously dangerous situations. Each book reveals more and more of the evilness and desparation of Lord Voldemort or He Who Must Not Be Named; and each time the trio of young wizards rise to face the villain and claim victory for themselves and the goodness of humans everywhere. “Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is right and what is easy.” And then came the movies, beginning with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 2001. Fans rejoiced as they watched the magic they held in their hearts and imaginations come to life on the big screen. In 2002 The Chamber of Secrets was released, followed by The Prisoner of Azkaban in 2004. The Goblet of Fire and The Order of the Phoenix were released in 2005 and 2007, respectively; The Half-Blood Prince hit the box office in 2009 and had us all on the edges of our seats. For the final novel, it was decided to divide The Deathly Hallows into a two part film to capture all the fabulous little details; Part One was released in 2010 and was closely followed by Part 2 in 2011. When the last of the movies premiered, the whole world wept for the bittersweet ending of a decade of Harry Potter and the World of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now that we’re all ugly crying, let’s do some retail therapy and stock up on Harry Potter soul-chocolate.

This article contains AFFILIATE LINKS. Sounds scary, but it really just means that I get some kick-back change when you buy a product in my article (with NO ADDED COST to you). The internet is a magical place, amirite?

1. A Harry Potter Writing Kit

This gift is wildly appropriate for witches and wizards of all ages! This Harry Potter Stationary Set includes 10 sheets of aged parchment paper, measuring the standard parchment length and width of 8 1/2 by 11 inches; a natural pheasant pen with a golden nib – appropriate for dipping into black apothecary ink, 80ml of which are included. To top off the set, and to make your letters look particularly magical, the set also includes a wax sealing stamp and gold, red, and black sealing wax.
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2. A Hogwarts Alumni Backpack

Everyone needs someplace to store all their books, parchment, quills, and various pets; and we’ve found the perfect little backpack for Harry Potter fans! There’s plenty of room in the main pocket for books, quills, wallets, laptops, etc. The two front pockets would be ideal for stashing inks, any pet rats (traitorous though they may be), trinkets, and pre-made potions. Each pocket has its own leather buckle to keep all of your items secure, and also adds a certain medieval feel to the knapsack.
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3. A Remote Control Wand

We’ve all dreamt of flicking a wand at a mess and having it magically cleaned. For the less ambitious of us, we mostly dream of flicking a wand at the television or radio and having the desired outcome of channel changing, volume control, or even recording a show on a magically programmed box for viewing at a later date. Now, that fantasy can come to life with the Harry Potter Remote Control Wand. It can be programmed to be compatible with any IR device, and comes with instructions on use and storage. How awesome is this!?
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4. A Honeyduke’s Candy Haul

For any fan who regrets their friend being stuck at Hogwarts while the whole school is blazing through Hogsmeade with a fist full of galleons – this one is for you. This gift set is sure to cheer them up, as it comes loaded with delicious candies and unique toys! Includes four boxes of Bernie Bott’s Every Flavour Jelly Beans, one pack of Delightful Jelly Slugs, two boxes of Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn jelly beans, somehow the Chosen One’s glasses frames ended up in the set, along with a Hogwarts Crest keychain, four Wizard’s Academy Bookmarks, four Monster Finger Puppets, and two packs of the Harry Potter Card Game cards (Diagon Alley and Quidditch Cup editions). If this gift box doesn’t cheer your friend, he or she either needs chocolate to fend off dementors, or they could be a horcrux themselves.
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5. A Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes Gift Box

This Skiving Snackbox is straight out of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes! The cardstock box measures eight inches in both width and height, and even folds out just like they do in the movies! Inside, you’ll find an assortment of candies from the shoppe, including Fainting Fancies, Fever Fudge, Nosebleed Nougat, and Puking Pastiles. ****Disclaimer: The Geek Gift Guide shall not be held responsible for any fainting, fevers, nosebleeds, or puking induced by the Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes gift box. Buy at your own risk!****Get it HERE!

6. A Wizarding Love Potion

Romilda Vane inspired us all to magically trick our crushes into loving us. That being said, the internet is now offering a pre-made, totally adorable love potion. Now, it must be said that it can be quite tricky to get your crush to drink the potion – especially if you offer it to them in this packaging. One might take a tip from Romilda and mix it into some gillywater, or some chocolates. Also, don’t tell the whole school that you’re planning to slip Harry Potter a love potion. He will find out, and vehemently deny any goodies that you offer.
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7. A Hogwarts Crest Comforter

Many fans choose to show their allegiance to the wizarding world through household items. If you are one of those fans, consider this comforter. It displays the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry crest, which includes the latin phrase and Hogwarts motto, ‘Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus’, translating to ‘Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon.’ Ever appropriate for those who aren’t morning people.
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8. The Triwizard Tournament Champion’s Goblet

The Tri-Wizard Tournament brings back memories for us all; the Weasley twins growing beards after attempting to add their names to the Goblet of Fire, the untimely kidnapping of schoolmates to be placed under the care of mermaids, and the dragons we all got to witness try to murder our school champions. To commemorate those memories, we offer the Tri-Wizard Cup. Now, we don’t want to invoke any unpleasant memories of that time, but we felt it necessary to mention that the cup has been sent to the Ministry of Magic to ensure the cup is no longer a portkey. Safety First!
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9. All Four House Flags of Hogwarts

For all the Hogwarts Alumni out there! While the school does encourage a bit of animosity between houses with the House Cup and Quidditch Cup competitions every year, once one has graduated Hogwarts we come to appreciate each house for the qualities they embody. While the Gryffindors are brave and daring, the Ravenclaws are intelligible and witty. The Hufflepuffs are dedicated, patient, and loyal, while the Slytherins are all cunning ambition and Death Eaters. Post-Hogwarts we come to appreciate that it takes all types, and so we chose to include all four house banners. Hang them above your bed, in your living room, anywhere where you can see them and remember all the wonderful characters who made Hogwarts the best place to grow and become a wizard.
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10. A Deathly Hallows Wall Clock

This one is a bit of a conundrum. We found a clock that displays the Deathly Hallows symbol. We really appreciated the satirical note of this clock. The Deathly Hallows, as we all know, are somewhat used to avoid death. Ironically, time is the one and only thing that will inevitably lead to death. Fitting, really, as the Hallows have been misused and abused throughout the entirety of their existence in avoiding death, only to bring death closer to the users that abuse them.
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11. A Wizarding Chess Set

Those of us who are chess players literally drooled over the wizarding chess sets described in the books and shown in the movies – even Ronald Weasley’s crappy old chess set was incredible! Now you can own the magic at home with this amazing Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set! The pieces vary in height, between four and eight inches depending on the class of the piece. All pieces seem to be made of plastic, because sadly they won’t repair themselves after being brutally slain on the game board. Speaking of the game board, it comes in the standard size 18.5 inches square. Get it now and invite all your chess loving friends over to play!
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12. Godric Gryffindor’s Sword Replica

For the Gryffindor in all of us. On your worst days, sometimes you just need to look up and see Fawkes the Phoenix flying through the dungeon holding the Sorting Hat. Then, when he drops the Sorting Hat on your lap, you realize it’s quite heavy. Surprised, you reach inside to feel the cold, heavy handle of a sword. You pull it out, and realize that YOU CAN defeat that Basilisk! Hang it on your wall when you get home to remember just how unsupervised Hogwarts really was.
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13. A Sculpted Ceramic Gryffindor Mug

Perfect for a spot of afternoon tea, this mug is hand sculpted from ceramic, and then painted to ensure uniquity. The details on the mug include an authentic antique brick pattern, and the handle sports a Gryffindor lion’s head. The vessel is self-proclaimed perfect for butterbeer!
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14. The Ultimate Boxed Movie Set

This amazing set of all the Harry Potter movies includes 31 discs of theatrical versions, extended versions, behind the scenes, bloopers, and more! The entire Harry Potter journey in one boxed set! All in an adorable chest-like case!
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15. All of the Books in a Hogwarts Train Case

Every fan should own all the books, and a hard-back copy will stay in better shape over time. Add to that the fact that this set comes in a sturdy chest-like box, and you can bet that this will be the only Harry Potter Complete Set that you’ll need for generations to come! Also includes decorative stickers!
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